Barbara Wiewiórska


Barbara Anna Wiewiórska A.K.A. PellucidMind

I was born in 1985 in Racławice, a small town in the South-East part of Poland.
In 2008 I received B.A. degree in English Philology – thesis on translation studies.

In the field of painting, drawing etc I’m a self-taught, always trying to follow the “voice” of my imagination and intuition. Watercolour is the major technique I work with, often juxtaposed with ink, ballpoint pen etc. With this technique I can unleash my imagination, apply the paint and wait for the unexpected flow of the colour, being always ready to control the process in order to carry out my projects and ideas. My inspirations come from various sources, partially from the interest in outer space and oceanology. However, my creativity often depends on how my imagination reacts to the world in its complexity in a particular day.
I was always interested in the sphere of art connected with fantasy, expressionism (figurative and abstract), surrealism, visionary art but also with impressionism.
Other techniques I work with are ink juxtaposed with ballpoint pen, digital techniques (all kinds of experimental texture mixing, manipulating etc.), acrylics, distemper and all hybrids of those mixed in unconventional ways. My style can be defined as a mixture of styles, yet with a visible personal portion.

So far:
-I took part in 23rd Art Review Exhibition in Krosno, Poland 2007 - 3 of my artworks were published in the exhibition catalogue
-Since I've started publishing my artworks in online galleries, I received numerous online distinctions and honours.
-In 2010 one of my digital artworks was published in "Imagine The Imagination. New Visions Of Surrealism" and two of my traditional artworks were published in "Visionary Art Yearbook 2010-2011"

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